• Market Research for Pre-Startups and Start-Up Businesses

    Who has never seduced friends and family with a business idea?

    Guess what? They’re bias! Your enthusiasm along with the fact that the people you question are influenced by their connection to you means this data is far from relevant.

    Although many start-ups develop detailed business plans before they launch their business which is of course vital, much of the research done for the business plan is limited. Either limited to secondary or biased primary research.

    Having a great idea needs to be proven. Moreover it must be proven in a reliable way. Questioning biased participants is not viable and will not aid your product or service launch, if anything it will hinder it as you go forward with your business plan with unreliable and biased figures.

    A great idea will not be an instant success based on your beliefs and the support and opinions of your immediate network. However, many entrepreneurs still do it. Being realistic is key to business success for start-ups. But we all know your close contacts, the majority of times are not the most reliable source, this is not to lead you down the wrong path purposefully, it is simply due to your infectious enthusiasm.

    Little does your close circle realize that in fact, what is a benefit to your business plan is entirely the opposite! Objective research is vital; these are real opinions without any bias. You can ensure you are targeting the type of people that you plan to sell your product or service to. This is your opportunity to get inside the consumer’s minds and ask the important questions you need to know.

    Objective start up research has many benefits for start-ups and entrepreneurs, the following are the key ones:
    • Unbiased views
    • Reliable data
    • Valid results
    • Factual figures

    All of the above enhance your business plan and even more importantly your pitch for funding.
    Start-ups have a series of barriers to overcome when seeking credit. This unbiased information can allow you to build a product and service which will meet your client’s needs. When a product or service can satisfy a need or a want in the target market the business plan pitch becomes far more valid and reliable.

    Competition coupled with the economic climate means that effective business planning has never been so vital to start-up success. You may believe you have not fallen into this trap, surveying consumers outside your close circle, but when you are questioning people about your project, it will never be an independent view, your love for the idea will infect those you question and again result in biased opinions. Independent research, neutral opinions is what you need to create a realistic, impartial business plan.

    With over 10 years experience in cost effective, fast, online market research and an international panel of over 950,000 panellists, Marketest can deliver viable facts and figures bringing reliable statistics and insight to your business start-up.

  • Market Research Expert's Spring Offer – Free Questionnaire Writing!

    Marketest, a subsidiary of Netetude UK offers free questionnaire writing on all quotes received till the 30th of April. Specializing in online market research for over 12 years, we primarily aid entrepreneurs, start-ups for companies launching new ideas.

    The questionnaire is vitally important in the development of a market research project, as the first step, it determines the viability of the research. This Spring Marketest will write questionnaires free of charge for all quotes it receives during the allocated time. Customers who already have their questionnaires prepared can get free publishing by Marketest.

    Questionnaire development is about the form and the redaction of the questions and answers. The client has the option to build his own questionnaire or ask Marketest to provide one. Every kind of question can be used (open/closed question, multiple choices, rating scale, different matrix of choices…), we can recommend the most suitable type for the brief you need answered.

    Marketest is the only company in the online market research market which focuses on serving start-ups and existing businesses. Marketest provides local, national and international market research using a group of more than 950,000 targeted panelists. In the United Kingdom, we currently have more than 100,000 panelists, the other 850,000 are spread across 29 more countries!

    This offer is applicable to all new quotes until the 30th of April (Marketest reserves the right to decline this offer).

    Enjoy :D

  • Quantitative research for a more valuable business plan

    Quantitative Market Research for a more Valuable Business Plan
    The current economic climate is having an impact on businesses large and small. What is clear is that the uncertainty means that researching a business’ market has never been more important.
    Give some figures to your business plan
    Market research determines the feasibility of a project and it’s a way to adapt a business’ strategy (communication, pricing policy, products range…).

    A good and precise market research will professionalize your setup approach and will give more value to your business plan.
    Doing quantitative market research is a solution to add a personal touch to your market research as you are testing “your” precise target market about “your” precise project.
    It will make your project even more credible and it will help you to convince financial partners and others.

    It’s an essential stage in the business start-up process but many entrepreneurs don’t do it – not least because of the supposed cost. As a result, many entrepreneurs only request feedback on their project from their family circle for their primary research which will of course, give them some positive return. Producing your quantitative research alongside an agency is a far more objective solution and is at last affordable to those with a small budget thanks to the online method.

    Do your market research online
    Online market research has grown rapidly in recent years as a key form of data collection for primary research activities. Online market research offers both large and small research focussed organisations the chance to eliminate the costs involved with face-to-face, postal and telephone data collection. Organisations have also begun to realise the speed and data reliability offered by the internet.
    There are a number of benefits to commissioning online research, including:
    Easier targeting of respondents across numerous segmentation variables. Provides access to a precise and qualitative panel which ensures reliable data on sensitive issues.

    Multi-country projects no longer need to be an obstacle to research – worldwide research can be conducted at the click of a button.

    An inexpensive way to conduct large research projects - it is possible to get hundreds of responses for less than a thousand pounds.

    Most large research suppliers have access panels which provide an easily accessible, reliable respondent base which can respond promptly to online questionnaires.

    It allows for a very rapid turnaround – research can be undertaken and results received within a few days as opposed to several weeks involved with face-to-face and postal data collection methods.

    The use of video, images and audio for richer questionnaire environments.
    For a business which needs to gain a general view from a large cross-section of the population, and in as short a time as possible, there is no doubt that online research offers a viable benefit.


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